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Knowledge Mapping of University Interdisciplinary Education Research: Visual Analysis Based on Cite Space (1978-2021)

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001992


Ziqi Yang and Hua Fan

Corresponding Author

Ziqi Yang


Abstract: Objective: In today's world, human society is facing the background of complex environment, resources, ecology and other problems, and these highly comprehensive social problems require the use of knowledge in many scientific fields. Interdisciplinary education has been widely concerned by countries all over the world. Based on the co-occurrence analysis of countries, institutions and authors of interdisciplinary education in Universities from 1978 to 2021, as well as keyword co-occurrence analysis, keyword cluster analysis and time sequence diagram, this paper expounds the characteristics, research hotspots and development trend of interdisciplinary education in universities, so as to provide reference for the interdisciplinary construction of higher education in China. Methods: In this study, citespacev visualization software is used to build a knowledge map of articles published in web of science database from 1978 to 2021, which directly shows the research results, core authors, core journals, research hotspots and development trends in this field. Results: According to the analysis of literature reports, first of all, the relatively strong interdisciplinary education research is mainly concentrated in the United States, including high-quality interdisciplinary education institutions are also concentrated in the United States. Secondly, Acad Med is the most popular journal. Finally, the keywords form nine clusters, focusing on interdisciplinary education, higher education and sustainability. We can see that the characteristics of today's university interdisciplinary education are to attach importance to interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation in cultivating talents, to set courses based on the combination of higher education and interdisciplinary majors, to focus on major social problems and global challenges to promote sustainable development, and to have a long period of interdisciplinary education in cultivating talents.


Keywords: Interdisciplinary; Interdisciplinary Education; Knowledge Map; Visual Analysis