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On the Creative Transformation and Innovative Development of Chinese Traditional Philosophical Discourse

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001993


Xiaonan Hong and Kunping Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaonan Hong


Abstract: Chinese traditional philosophical discourse not only continues the national blood, but also nourishes the prosperity and development of contemporary philosophical discourse. Since the eighteen Party Congress, Xi Jinping attached great importance to the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture. Therefore, as the essence of traditional culture, the "two creations" of traditional philosophy discourse is of guiding significance. To explore the "two creations" of Chinese traditional philosophical discourse, we should grasp it from three aspects of history, value and practice. From the perspective of historical logic, the discourse of Chinese traditional philosophy has changed from decline and weakness to revival and innovation, which reflects the importance of adhering to the position of national philosophy. From the perspective of value logic, the "two creations" of Chinese traditional philosophical discourse covers the value demands of "the country, the international community and the whole mankind", and integrates the triple value orientation of "China, the West and Marxism", which has irreplaceable value of the times. From the perspective of practical logic, the "two creations" of Chinese traditional philosophical discourse should not forget the original, absorb foreign elements and face the future.


Keywords: Chinese Traditional Philosophical Discourse; Creative Transformation; Innovative Development