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Construction Path of Business Specialty Cluster at Private Colleges and Universities under the Background of Transformation of the Applied Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001997


Fengxiang Jiang, Moutao Du, Sisi Wang, Ling Wang, Huiqiang Zhuge, Yueling Shen and Xinyue Lu

Corresponding Author

Fengxiang Jiang


Abstract: The number of students majoring in business at newly-built undergraduate colleges and universities in various places shows a downward trend in recent years, which is also because the trained talents cannot be seamlessly connected with the market demand. Therefore, the construction of business specialty clusters in applied colleges and universities needs systematic connection and intelligence to support the local economic development chain. The business majors should strengthen the construction of specialty clusters, clarify the types of talent cultivation, promote the quantitative orientation of talent cultivation structure, and promote the matching of students' vocational ability and entrepreneurial ability to the local economic development chain, so as to provide intellectual support for the local economic development, the business specialty cluster construct along the industrial chain, corresponding to the local industrial structure, occupational structure and employment structure, to construct the applied course and a new teaching system.


Keywords: The Applied Colleges and Universities; Transformation of the Applied Colleges and Universities; Private Colleges and Universities; Business Major; Specialty Cluster