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Characteristics Comparison and Trend Analysis of China's International Investment Position Table

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001998


Wanting Zhang

Corresponding Author

Wanting Zhang


Abstract: A complete international account system includes balance of payment (BOP) and international investment position (IIP). Among them, the balance of payments records the flow of a country's current account and capital account in a certain period of time, while the international investment position records the balance of assets and liabilities stock of a country at that time. This paper first focuses on the development trend of China's international investment position in the past ten years, then compares the international investment position of China with BRICs, Germany and Japan, and obtains several development trends of China's international investment position: first, China's foreign investment and debt stock will continue to rise sharply, but there is little room for net surplus to rise; Second, the proportion of foreign exchange reserves held by China will continue to decrease; Third, the proportion of foreign direct investment will continue to rise.


Keywords: International Investment Position; Foreign Investment; Capital Market