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Attach Importance to the Role of Interlanguage in Foreign Language Learning

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001999


Yafei Wang

Corresponding Author

Yafei Wang


Abstract: With the development of the global economy, it has become a trend to learn foreign language. A good mastery of foreign language can not only help to increase job opportunities, but also gain advantages during communication. The interlanguage as a bridge between the native language and the target language for foreign language learners is an inevitable path that every foreign language learner needs to take in language practice. Neither completely based on the mother tongue, interlanguage with the characteristics of change, system, imperfection and uniqueness also differs from the target language. Attaching importance to the role of interlanguage in daily foreign language learning is of great practical guiding significance.


Keywords: Foreign Language Learning; Interlanguage; Language Practice