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Challenges and Opportunities Faced by the Global Performing Arts Industry under the Covid 19 Crisis

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002000


Qingyang Meng

Corresponding Author

Qingyang Meng


Abstract: 2020 in January of, New Coronavirus was threatening. Many industries and fields were hit by the epidemic. All of them suffered a lot of attacks. Especially the AIDT(Art Industry) with crowd characteristics was greatly affected by the outbreak. In order to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by the global performing arts industry under the Abstract:2020 crisis, this article carried out a special one. Among them, we investigated the performances of global performing arts from January to June in 2019 and from January to June in 2020, and then compared and analyzed the income of global performing arts in these two periods. Then, the results of this experimental study show that the number and income of performances in 2020 have plummeted compared with that in 2019. The total number of Performing Arts Products from January to June 2020 is 801 million, and the total performance income is 81.74 billion US dollars, while the total number of performances in the same period in 2019 is 2.548 billion, and the total performance income is 264.29 billion US dollars. These data show that the epidemic has a very negative impact on the global performing arts, and has brought great challenges to the future development of the global performing arts industry. However, after the epidemic, people's pent up spiritual needs will also break out, which is also a great opportunity for the global performing arts industry.


Keywords: Covid19 Crisis, Global Performing Arts Industry, Art Industry, Opportunities and Challenges