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Practice of Guiding Students' Diversified Growth and Development Based on Niche Theory

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002004


Xiaolong Ma

Corresponding Author

Xiaolong Ma


Abstract: Students are a group that has attracted much attention from society. Colleges and universities need to mold college students into people needed by society through various educational methods and channels. The ability of a person to adapt to society is not only a manifestation of a certain aspect of ability, it is human the performance of diversified comprehensive qualities is closely related to a person's ideological and moral character, knowledge and skills, creative ability, sense of collaboration, interpersonal relationship, and health status. Ecological groups occupy a very important position in their lives. However, we have not paid enough attention to the issue of student ecological groups. In view of this, the purpose of this article is to study and practice the diversified growth and development of students based on niche theory. This article first summarizes the basics of niche theory, and then extends its core points. It combines the development of all aspects of contemporary students in our country. It will analyze the existing problems and shortcomings and combined with niche theory to supplement and perfect its mechanical energy. This article systematically expounds the analysis of students' diversified influence factors based on niche theory, and uses questionnaire survey method, field investigation method and other research methods to carry out research on the theme of this article. Experimental studies have shown that, compared with the traditional model of student growth and development, the diversified growth and development of students based on niche theory is superior in many aspects, especially in terms of self-confidence in academic performance, which exceeds 10%, which fully reflects this article Study the feasibility.


Keywords: Niche, Diversification, Growth and Development, Practice and Research