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Professional Identity of English Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Pedagogy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002005


Pilan Wen

Corresponding Author

Pilan Wen


Abstract: With the development of social economy, higher vocational education has also been rapidly popularized. In our country, higher vocational colleges (HVC) are a very special and irreplaceable profession. The students of HVC are in a very significant position in the education system of our country, and they have made great contributions to socio-economic growth and cultural construction, and teachers are the essential, most basic and most critical factor in the growth of the entire teaching activities. Higher vocational education has not fully realized its own value. Although some colleges and universities offer foreign language courses, they do not have enough knowledge and understanding of the actual needs of students. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to promote the professional identity of English teachers. For this reason, based on the perspective of pedagogy, this article has done an investigation and research on the professional identity of English teachers in HVC. This article first uses the data analysis method to understand and study the current English teaching situation in HVC in my country. Secondly, according to the current phenomenon, the questionnaire survey method is used to collect and sort out the professional attitudes and suggestions of English teachers in HVC, and finally use data analysis to draw conclusions. The survey results show that female teachers account for 56.5% of English teachers in HVC. Their lack of professional identity is mainly due to various pressures. There are significant differences in professional identity among higher vocational English teachers.


Keywords: Pedagogy, Higher Vocational Colleges, English Teachers, Professional Identity