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Clinical and Pathological Analysis of Nephritis in Children

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002007


Li Qiu

Corresponding Author

Li Qiu


Abstract: This article mainly focuses on the clinical and pathological analysis of children with nephritis. The purpose is to provide a diagnostic basis for children with nephritis. The method is to select clinical cases and related examination pathologies from the Children’s Hospital of this city, conduct a retrospective analysis on them, and classify these cases according to age after grouping, it was found that children with nephritis mainly occurred between 7 and 13 years old, and there were 25 cases in total, and children under 3 years old were the least. After analyzing the clinical manifestations of these children, it was found that 43 cases of childhood nephritis mainly showed edema, and then gastrointestinal diseases, 26 cases appeared. According to this, it can be used as the basis for some clinical judgments of doctors. The pathological analysis of children with nephritis, the first is the urine routine; there are 24 cases of proteinuria, and 42 cases of renal damage.


Keywords: Childhood Diseases, Clinical Cases, Nephritis Pathology, Retrospective Analysis