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Real Estate Enterprise Project Cost Management Mode

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002008


Jianwen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jianwen Zhang


Abstract: Cost is the important indexes of the real estate enterprise cost and comprehensive competitiveness, it involves the face of the more widely and uncertainty is a very strong work, in the process of project implementation will be a lot of unforeseen events, the real estate enterprises only put their core key position, to enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises, in the industry come to the fore. This paper mainly studies the real estate enterprise project cost management mode. This paper studies the real estate company development project construction cost, and combining the theory and method of cost accounting and cost management using breakdown structure (WBS) technique to analyze its development model and control model of determining the company's real estate development project cost reduction has important theoretical significance and practical value.


Keywords: Real Estate Enterprises, Project Cost, Project Cost Management, Management Mode