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Analysis on the Reasons of Internet Celebrity Economic Growth during COVID-19

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002009


Changrui Gong and Xinyue Miao

Corresponding Author

Xinyue Miao


Abstract: Under the impact of covid-19, the epidemic has weakened market demand in most countries and regions around the world, affecting their industrial chains and supply chains. As the nation began to prepare for the epidemic at home, the traditional brick-and-mortar sector suffered a huge impact, and the 'internet celebrity economy', catalyzed by both the rapid development of internet technology and the outbreak of the epidemic, developed rapidly and had a significant impact on the country's economic development. At the same time the internet celebrity economy, to a certain extent, effectively mitigated the impact on the overall economy during the epidemic. This paper elaborates on the development of the internet celebrity economy before and after the epidemic, and analyses the supply and demand relationship of the internet celebrity economy from the supply side and the demand side respectively. Through analysis, it is concluded that the important reasons for the booming internet celebrity economy during the economic downturn during the epidemic. This is mainly due to the increase in consumer leisure time, the shift from the real economy to the internet economy, the wide range of services, technological advances and the development of new media industries, as well as the state's support for economic recovery. The study of the internet celebrity economy will allow us to analyse the changing trends in consumer behaviour and promote the optimisation and upgrading of traditional industries.


Keywords: Internet Celebrity Economic; Covid-19; Economic Development