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Research on Typical Chinese Modal Particles for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002011


Junmin Li

Corresponding Author

Junmin Li


Abstract: Modal particles are a vital part of the Chinese function word system. They are also widely used in daily life, and are widely distributed and have complex meanings. Therefore, typical modal particles in modern Chinese language have certain practical needs in the teaching, and the typical modal particles in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages are the object of continuous research of the predecessors. There are certain differences between the functions of typical modal particles, but they also have certain commonalities. It is important to use and master these modal particles proficiently. And this paper studies the six typical Chinese modal particles of "Ma", "Ba", "Ne", "Ah", "De", and "Le".


Keywords: Teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages; Typical Chinese modal particles; Research