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Research on Integrated Development Strategy of Tourism Economy in Rural Areas in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002012


Min Kang

Corresponding Author

Min Kang


Abstract: The Belt and Road is an important manifestation of global economic integration, which brings both new challenges and new opportunities to the tourism economy in rural areas. With the continuous advancement of the Belt and Road, the tourism market is undergoing earth-shaking changes, so it is necessary to seize the opportunity brought by the Belt and Road and make rural tourism bigger and better. Rural tourism is an important part of the tourism market, which can not only greatly promote the rapid growth of tourism economy, but also benefit the development of rural economy. It is one of the effective measures for the country to revitalize rural economy. The Belt and Road not only brings good resources to rural tourism, but also makes rural tourism face huge competition and lack a novel rural tourism model that is one of the main reasons for the slow development of rural tourism. The government should make good use of opportunities brought by the Belt and Road, strengthen the guidance of rural tourism, constantly optimize resources and cultivate innovative talents, so as to promote the friendly development of rural tourism.


Keywords: The Belt and Road; Economic integration; Rural tourism