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Analysis of the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Transformation of Marketing Models

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002014


Lingchai Meng and Qindi Feng

Corresponding Author

Qindi Feng


Abstract: In the era of artificial intelligence, fundamental changes have taken place in consumer information acquisition, product selection, and post-purchase experience sharing, resulting in consumption showing fragmentation, diversification, individualization, and rationalization, which is critical to the market, especially the traditional marketing model of China raises serious challenges. How to formulate a new marketing model that adapts to the consumption characteristics and market environment in the era of artificial intelligence is a difficult problem for my country’s marketing. The purpose of this article is to analyze the impact of artificial intelligence in the transformation of marketing models. This article first summarizes the basic theory of artificial intelligence technology, and then extends the core technology of artificial intelligence, and then combines the contemporary marketing model of our country, analyzes its existing problems and shortcomings, and applies artificial intelligence technology to the marketing model. This article systematically expounds the changes in marketing with the advent of the era of big data and artificial intelligence, and through comparative analysis, studies the basis and conditions for the integration of artificial intelligence and marketing. This article aims at the impact of artificial intelligence on the transformation of marketing models. Through theoretical analysis, comparative analysis and other research methods, the theme of this article is studied. Experimental research shows that the impact of artificial intelligence on marketing models is significant. Compared with traditional The marketing model, using artificial intelligence, is more feasible for marketing.


Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, Model Change, Impact Analysis