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Promotion of Endogenous Power of Science and Technology Innovation in Electronic Information Enterprises in the New Era

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002015


Fuqiang Tian

Corresponding Author

Fuqiang Tian


Abstract: Innovation-driven and take science and technology innovation as an important assessment index, increase the weight of the assessment of science and technology innovation index, improve the level of risk monitoring and increase the risk monitoring. Innovation-driven and establish the negative list of science and technology innovation of electronic information enterprises, analyze and clarify the forbidden zone of science and technology innovation of enterprises, and the behaviors that are not in the negative list can be explored by enterprises. Take the technology innovation experience of electronic information benchmark enterprises as the object of reference, and discard the obstacles that hinder technology innovation. Integrate resources and make the leading enterprises bigger and stronger. Break through barriers and actively participate in international market competition. Revitalize resources and fully activate the competitive potential of enterprises. Provide effective incentives, protect intellectual property rights, optimize the market for managers of electronic information enterprises, and offer competitive salaries and bonuses.


Keywords: New Era; Electronic Information; Enterprises; Scientific and Technological Innovation; Endogenous Power