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Research on Super Dialect and Standardization of Yi Language

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002017


Yihong Jiejue

Corresponding Author

Yihong Jiejue


Abstract: In modern Chinese, people's research on language mainly focuses on corpus construction, phonetics, and grammar. Yi language is a language with a long history, yet very colorful and unique. It has unique historical significance and cultural value, and is known as one of the "oldest languages in the world". Yi language is an important part of Chinese, and it is also called "live ink". It is unique with its own unique language and style. However, with the development of the times, the sense of existence of Yi language super dialects is getting lower and lower. To this end, this article explores the issue of Yi language super-dialect and standardization. This article draws conclusions through a series of data investigation and analysis. The standardization of Yi language beyond dialect is an important literary task. In order to protect the characteristics and cultural traditions of ethnic minorities in our country, the standardization of Yi language must start with its pronunciation and ideology, and uniformly summarize the characteristics of Yi language used in different regions, and then form Standardized literature basis.


Keywords: Yi Language, Super Dialect, Standardization Research, Principle Direction