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Research on the Application of "Dividing + Platform" Mixed Teaching Mode in Preschool Education of Higher Vocational Education——Take Kindergarten Activity Design as An Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002022


Yuhong Lei and Qiuxia Guo

Corresponding Author

Qiuxia Guo


Abstract: The emergence of new crown pneumonia in 2020 has brought the advantages of online teaching into full play. The teaching model of "Kindergarten Activity Design" has aroused teachers' thinking-why not use the resources of "Internet teaching platform" in teaching what? The hybrid teaching model of “division + platform” conforms to the trend of contemporary teaching reform and the learning characteristics of current higher vocational students. It can not only play the guiding role of teachers’ “teaching”, but also stimulate students’ interest in autonomous “learning”, and is reasonable the process of "separating" teaching and learning has greatly improved the teaching quality of this course.


Keywords: Bisection Classroom, Online Teaching Platform, Mixed Teaching