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Research on Online and Offline Mixed Teaching Based on the PAD Class

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002026


Dongsheng Yang

Corresponding Author

Dongsheng Yang


Abstract: Mixed online and offline teaching is a popular and commonly used teaching mode at present. Using the network platform to realize the synchronous complementation of online and offline teaching can effectively improve the teaching efficiency. However, in the practical application of various courses, how to divide the proportion of online and offline teaching content, how to deal with the relationship between online and offline teaching scientifically, and how to improve the management of online teaching need to be further studied and innovatively explored. Based on the concept of PAD( Presentation-Assimilation-Discussition) class, this paper splits equally offline and online teaching into class, and be PAD class teaching into two classes, which effectively solves the problems existing in traditional teaching and provides a new way of thinking for continuous optimization of classroom teaching mode.


Keywords: PAD Class; Online and Offline; Mixed Teaching