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The Feasibility Analysis of Non-Profit Organization Participating in the Construction of Community Home Care for the Aged

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002028


Ni Yan, Hui Qing and Siming Wang

Corresponding Author

Siming Wang


Abstract: With the increasing proportion of the aging population in China, the degree of aging is deepening, the aging problem in China is becoming ever more serious. The construction of a scientific mode of providing for the aged is essential to the healthy life of the elderly population. Non-Profit Organization’s participation in the construction of a community mode of providing for the aged at home can not only ease the financial burden of the government in providing for the aged, but also alleviate the pressure on families in providing for the aged, it can also create a good social atmosphere and give full play to the role of the Non-Profit Organization in providing for the aged. The purpose of this paper is designed to study the practical needs of the Non-Profit Organization and the internal and external advantages of the Non-Profit Organization.


Keywords: Non-Profit Organization; Community Home Care