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Changes and Countermeasures of Product Web-fit in All-Channel Retail Era

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002031


Liyuan Jiang

Corresponding Author

Liyuan Jiang


Abstract: The arrival of all-channel retail era allows manufacturers and retailers begin to re-formulated channel strategy, and current channel strategy is inseparable from the judgment of Product Web-fit. The variable of Product Web-fit has played a very important role in the multi-channel strategy planning. This paper discusses the external economic environment changes in the applications of Product Web-fit, the progress of technology, and the changes in consumer shopping habits and perceived attributes, so that proposed conditions of the generated, consumer perceived attributes, calculation methods of Product Web-fit in previous studies are no longer applicable in the present, and suggests that the perceived attributes, calculation methods and the range of the variable needs to be redesigned.


Keywords: Product Web-fit; Customer Acceptance Index; All-channel Retail; Multi-channel Strategy; Perceived Attribute