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Research on Watching Behavior of China Media Group Mobile Users Watching ‘Line supervisors’ Live under the Ritual View of Communication

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002032


Sihan Yao and Xun Zhan

Corresponding Author

Sihan Yao


Abstract. During the COVID-19, China Media Group Mobile launched Live Camera Broadcasting of ‘Panorama Direct to Fire God Mountain hospital and Thunder God Mountain hospital’, which attracted hundreds of millions of netizens to watch online and created the phenomenological media product ‘Line supervisors’. Online users watching the 24-hour live hospital construction has also become a novel live phenomenon under the influence of the epidemic. Taking the watching users as the research object, the questionnaire method is adopted and the SPSS20.0 data analysis method is adopted to empirically study the related effects of the theory of ritual view and the users' watching the live broadcast of ‘Line supervisors’. The results show that the proper use of communication symbols with a sense of ritual in the communication process can affect users' viewing behavior. However, only when users conduct in-depth live broadcast interaction, can they produce effective positive changes in their emotions and attitudes, and general live broadcast viewing behavior does not show significant differences.


Keywords: Line Supervisors; China Media Group Mobile User; Ceremony View; Live Camera Broadcasting