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Study on the Application of Case Teaching Method in Western Economics Course

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002036


Yumei Nie and Nan Chen

Corresponding Author

Nan Chen


Abstract: Western economics course is a compulsory course for economics majors, and it is a course with strong theoreticality. By introducing the case teaching method into the course of Western economics, it can help cultivate and improve the students' thinking ability by concretizing the obscure knowledge points with the help of real and typical cases. By briefly explaining the basic meaning and characteristics of case teaching method, the application of case teaching method in Western economics course is discussed from the aspects of reasonable selection of Western economics cases and development of local cases, orderly organization of case teaching activities, and improvement of teachers' case teaching ability, so as to improve the teaching effect and teaching quality of Western economics.


Keywords: Case Study Method, Western Economics, Teaching