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Higher Vocational English Reading Education Model Oriented to Cultural Understanding

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002039


Pilan Wen

Corresponding Author

Pilan Wen


Abstract: With the continuous development of our country's social economy, the field of education is also changing. The new situation puts forward more stringent requirements for students' comprehensive quality and ability. At the same time, the higher vocational English reading education model oriented to cultural understanding has also received extensive attention. The study of higher vocational English reading education model is conducive to promoting the development of English education and can improve the English reading level of students in higher vocational colleges. Therefore, this article will deeply analyze the current problems in foreign language learning in higher vocational education on the basis of cultural understanding. In view of these status quo, firstly, this article uses data mining association rules algorithm to explain the necessity of cultural understanding in higher vocational English reading teaching, and then uses the method of questionnaire survey to investigate and analyze the current status of English reading mode in higher vocational schools. The final survey results show that the higher vocational English reading education model has a multi-angle teaching method.


Keywords: Cultural Understanding, Vocational English, English Reading, Educational Mode