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WeChat Business: A New Cultural Background of Relationship Marketing

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000240


Jujun Fen

Corresponding Author

Jujun Fen


Nowadays, the Internet technology has been developed more and more rapidly, and the Internet has been more and more widely integrated and applied in people's daily life. Under the background of the development of Internet, WeChat business, as a new e-commerce model, is gradually applied to people's daily life. All walks of life are seeking effective marketing mode to realize the transformation of operation mode. As a new marketing method, cultural marketing can meet the needs of the market and consumers. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to explore the unique relationship marketing and cultural background of WeChat business, so as to explore the impact of cultural factors on WeChat business and its different thinking on the impact of relationship marketing. In this paper, we will use the research method of specific analysis to compare the data and come to a conclusion. The results of this study show that we must pay attention to brand building and give full play to brand effect, which needs to take effective cultural marketing strategies. Therefore, in order to better meet the requirements and needs of customers, we must explore the deep-seated reasons of consumer psychology from the background.


WeChat Business; Relationship Marketing; Cultural Background; Brand Construction