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Xi Jinping's View on Youth Education and Its Contemporary Value

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000243


Shuang Guan

Corresponding Author

Shuang Guan


Youth is the future of the nation development and the main force to promote social development and progress. Effective education for young people can make them establish good ideals and beliefs and have the right value orientation. Starting from the current development, General Secretary Xi Jinping clarified the new requirements for youth development in the new era and answered the practical problems in the development of youth training and education in China. Based on the series of important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping, this paper discusses the main sources and specific contents of Xi Jinping's youth ideology and explores its value to contemporary society, which is of great significance for promoting the progressive development of youth education and training at the present stage.


Xi Jinping; Concept of Youth Education; Development