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The Communication Effect of Contemporary Overseas Tibetan Film and Television and the New Orientation of International Communication of Cultural Value

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002043


Bangzhu Wu and Cheng Di

Corresponding Author

Cheng Di


Abstract: Tell Tibetan stories well and spread the voice of the nation. Since entering the new era, the international dissemination of Tibetan culture has entered a new stage. Based on text analysis, this paper investigates the English feedback of Tibetan films and television on YouTube platform, analyzes the spiritual core of Western cultural communication under structural topics, combs the main problems existing at this stage, puts forward methods such as strengthening hematopoietic function, technology driven upgrading and reshaping values, discusses the construction of new communication concepts and explores a new pattern of international communication, Promote new breakthroughs in the construction of international communication capacity of Tibetan culture.


Keyword´╝ÜInternational Communication, Western Cultural Vision, Influence Construction, Concept Reshaping