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Breakthrough and Stability-Investigation on the Current Situation of the User Experience Industry under the Impact of the Epidemic

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002048


Xiao Hu

Corresponding Author

Xiao Hu


Abstract: In our country, the user experience industry is still in its infancy, and studying the status quo of the industry is particularly important for the future development of the industry. The scale of the user experience industry has not yet been quantified, and it is still in the stage of fuzzy estimation. It is impossible to accurately display the dynamics of the industry's economic development. When trying to support industrial policies, capital commitments, and external cooperation, there is a lack of support for internal data. Therefore, this article conducts research on the current situation of the user experience industry under the influence of the epidemic, and has a general understanding of the relevant theories of user experience on the basis of relevant literature materials, and then uses the questionnaire survey method to investigate the current situation of the user experience industry. The survey results show that Internet design accounts for the majority of recruited positions, accounting for 70%. Then, the salary trend of the user experience industry is showing a continuous growth trend. Practitioners still pay more attention to salary and benefits in choosing a job.


Keywords: User Experience, User Experience Industry, Current Status of Practitioners, Industry Development Trends