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The Protection Policy of Land Environmental Resources and Legal Cognition Learning

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002049


Wenge Wang

Corresponding Author

Wenge Wang


Abstract: Land resources (LR) are the core conditions for the development and progress of human society. The occurrence and development of the entire human society are closely related to land. Therefore, for the development of human society, LR is always at the core in the process of social development. Land use directly affects the state of mutual influence between human society and nature. While mankind obtains the benefits of land, it also directly or indirectly has a significant impact on the ecological environment of LR. Therefore, the rational development, utilization and protection of LR is a long-term and arduous task in the process of national economic construction, which has also attracted the attention of countries and regions around the world. This article uses questionnaire survey method and experimental analysis method to study the protection policy and legal system of land environmental resources, and investigates the interviewee's understanding of relevant policies and laws and the methods and channels for obtaining relevant information. According to the survey results, urban residents have a higher degree of understanding of relevant policies, while villagers have a lower degree of understanding. There is also a greater proportion of respondents obtaining relevant information through TV and publicity by neighborhood committees and village committees. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the publicity and promotion of policies for protecting LR, strengthen people's learning of relevant content, and enhance legal awareness.


Keywords: Land Environmental Resources, Protection Policy, Legal Cognition, Sustainable Use