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The Humanistic Education Value of College Chinese Course under the Network Background

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002050


Xudong Sun

Corresponding Author

Xudong Sun


Abstract: Humanistic quality education is an aspect of quality education, and it is also an important content of all kinds of college education. Humanistic quality education is an aspect of quality education, and its function is to guide students to selectively absorb all outstanding cultural achievements. How to fully develop the field of humanistic education in college Chinese course, show the charm of humanistic value, and build the levee of humanistic spirit of college students has become a topic worthy of discussion in today's college education. This paper examines the current situation, background and practical significance of humanistic education from the perspective of College Chinese Curriculum under the background of network, and discusses the characteristics and practice of humanistic education in College Chinese curriculum. The requirements for students' Humanistic Quality in Colleges and universities are in line with the idea of all-round development of human beings, and fundamentally, it is necessary to establish a spiritual attitude of regarding students as the main body. Under the background of network, College Chinese course should adhere to the teaching concept of cultural tradition innovation and traditional culture inheritance.


Keywords: Humanistic Quality Education; Network Background; Chinese Class