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Building A New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics: A Culture of the Rule of Law

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002054


Bo Zhou

Corresponding Author

Bo Zhou


Abstract: Since Socialism with Chinese Characteristics entered a modern age, so to solve the main contradictions facing our country in this new era, it is necessary to continuously buttress the basic framework of the country ruled by law. The culture of strict adherence to law is related to the success or failure of the construction of a rule of law in China, and it has an important counter-effect to the rule of law. The rule of law culture of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics has a profound historical origin and has inherited and carried forward many outstanding achievements of law abidance civilizations. This law following custom is indispensable for developing democratic politics, promoting economic development, and creating amicable community. At the same time, it helps to realize the modernization of people. Many of the problems faced by this modern era can only be solved by following the guidelines of the Communist Party of China, continuously improving the level of productivity, and promoting the healthy development of the economy. Legal education should also be made necessary so it can encompass every facet of normal human life. Promote the cultural development of the rule of law of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and make new contributions to enrich its theoretical system.


Keywords: New Era, Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Culture of rule of Law