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A Study on Community Culture Construction from the Perspective of Social Governance -- Taking Meidi Community in Baoding City as An Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002058


Qianyu Wang

Corresponding Author

Qianyu Wang


Abstract: Facing the people's growing spiritual and cultural needs, the importance of cultural prosperity and development has once again been demonstrated. The community is the basic unit of social life, and community cultural construction is also the basic unit of public cultural construction. This paper introduces the perspective of social governance, and through empirical research on the Baoding Meidi community, sums up its experience in adapting measures to local conditions, implementing "Internet + culture" management, and carrying out university cooperation, and analyzes the investment dilemma, formal dilemma, participation dilemma, and professional dilemma in cultural construction. Finally, the corresponding improvement path is proposed to promote the construction of community governance and grassroots culture, and promote the modern development of the national governance system and governance capabilities.


Keywords: Social Governance, Community Culture Construction, Community Governance