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Exploring of Exercise Physiology Course Reform

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002060


Yongsheng Lan, Yanjie Jiang, Jiaru Cao and Xu Tian

Corresponding Author

Yongsheng Lan


Abstract: With the national strategy of "Health China", the concepts of "exercise is good medicine" and "integration of physical medicine" have been deeply rooted in people's hearts. Exercise physiology, as one of the health-related disciplines in sports science, must be transformed from a professional basic course to an applied basic course, so as to cultivate more professional talents who can master the professional knowledge of sports and health and guide people's fitness. At present, few class hours and poor cultural foundation of students are the main obstacles to teaching exercise physiology. Based on this, we have carried out several curriculum reforms and have achieved a more satisfactory teaching effect. In this paper, we summarize the process of teaching reform, especially the experience of establishing the online course, to provide references for other teachers to teach exercise physiology.


Keywords: Exercise Physiology; Curriculum Reform; Online Course Construction