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Analysis of the Teaching Difficulties of Exercise Physiology in the Context of Teacher Training Professional Certification

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002061


Yanjie Jiang, Yongsheng Lan and Jiaru Cao

Corresponding Author

Yanjie Jiang


Abstract: Exercise physiology is a core course for physical education majors and a basic theoretical subject for physical education and health in elementary and middle school physical education textbooks, but it is one of the more difficult courses to understand for students in physical education majors. In the recent years, the certification of teacher education programs has raised higher requirements for students in physical education majors as well as greater challenges for the teaching of exercise physiology. This article summarizes several teaching difficulties of exercise physiology in the context of teacher certification, with a view to providing reference for the majority of frontline teachers to explore solutions.


Keywords: Teacher Certification; Exercise Physiology; Pedagogical Challenges