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Exploration on the Construction of Online and Offline Hybrid "Golden Course" -- A Case Study of College Sports Aerobics Course

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002066


Juntong Liu, Hongmei Zhao and Jing Wang

Corresponding Author

Hongmei Zhao


Abstract: Under the influence of the Internet era and the epidemic, in order to carry out teaching as scheduled, college courses are sometimes conducted online and offline. Exploring the construction of online and offline hybrid "golden class" in colleges and universities will be helpful to the teaching effect and quality improvement of college physical calisthenics. In this paper, with the colleges and universities sports aerobics course as an example of online hybrid "gold" exploration for the Angle, the comb and summarize the research field related theoretical results and research, to discover and reveal online hybrid "class of gold exploration to the construction of the path, for college courses related to the implementation of online teaching provides certain reference and reference.


Keywords: Online and Offline; Mixed Teaching; Gold Class; College Sports Aerobics Course