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Study the Two-Way Relationship between Electric Power and Economic Development from the Perspective of Cycle Theory

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002070


Guang Chen,Jianye Liu, Guozhen Ma and Ning Pang

Corresponding Author

Guang Chen


Abstract: The main problem of the development of the power industry is whether it can accurately grasp the growth trend of power demand combined with the background of China's economic development, and provide a reliable basis for the rational development of the power industry. In recent years, economists and policy makers have increased their attention and research on the relationship between economic growth and power industry development. This paper uses the cycle theory to review the relationship between power and economic development, and gives a brief review, in order to provide reference for the research of power and economic relations.


Keywords: Macro-economy; Electricity and Economic Relationship; Cycle Theory