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The Transformation and Adaptation of Northern Shaanxi Culture into Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000248


Jie Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jie Zhang


Northern Shaanxi culture contains the simple moral concepts and philosophical implications with universal values, hence, it is an important cultural content for colleges and universities to carry out ideological and political education. In the new era, as great change has taken place in the principal contradiction in Chinese society, colleges and universities continue to focus on their fundamental task of moral education and talents cultivation. Besides, Northern Shaanxi further puts in practice the cultural education. All of those entail an adaptation of cultural education in Northern Shaanxi. Undoubtedly, a correct assessment of Northern Shaanxi culture should be made, so as to inherit the culture and make innovations of it. As a result, Northern Shaanxi culture can make creative evolution, and achieve innovative and high quality development. The author concludes four approaches to achieve the adaptation of Northern Shaanxi culture: firstly, the roots of Northern Shaanxi culture should be cherished, preserving its uniqueness; secondly, traditions of Northern Shaanxi culture should be applied to serve the present society, making itself more up-to-date; thirdly, Northern Shaanxi culture should be oriented towards the future, upholding its innovation; and finally, Northern Shaanxi culture should draw on other cultures, making itself more open.


New Era; Northern Shaanxi Culture; Ideological and Political Education; Adaptation; Four Approaches