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Translation and Dissemination of Jin Yong's Novels in the English-speaking World

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002075


Xiaowen Yang

Corresponding Author

Xiaowen Yang


Abstract: Jin Yong's novels are the representative of Chinese martial arts novels, presenting the charm and essence of Chinese culture. Meanwhile, the English translation version of Jin Yong's novels is an important platform to spread the traditional culture to the western world. In recent years, Western commercial publishing houses have successively released English versions of Jin Yong's novels, which have been widely circulated among foreign readers. This paper analyzes the English translation data of Jin Yong’s novels on the Goodreads network platform and the case of translation criticism, exploring its readers’ feedback and acceptance, so as to put forward more targeted translation strategies to improve the translation quality of Jin Yong’s novels.


Keywords: Novel of Jin Yong; Translation criticism; Translation strategies