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Literature Review on Chinese-English Translation of Signs

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000249


Yongkun Wan

Corresponding Author

Yongkun Wan


In a globalized and interconnected world, with exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries increasing day after day, foreigners flood into China either on business, for tours, to attend school, or even to live. In many cities of China, especially in big cities, more and more bilingual signs are provided at target foreigners. Consequently, Chinese-English translation of signs is not only a significant and essential study field, but also an urgent issue that needs to be addressed. What is encouraging is that the authorities and more responsible English workers have shown concern or worries about China’s poor sign translation, and are striving to redress the problems where they occur. In the domestic academic field, studies on Chinese-English translation of signs started in the late 1980s. Though much has been achieved, a lot more can still be done, or needs to be done. It is thus the intention of the present author to contribute his bit in filling up some of the gaps left in the field of Chinese-English translation of signs, or rather, to throw some light on some corners of the field which have so far remained dim or unexplored.


Literature Review; Chinese-English Translation; Signs; Reader-centered Perspective