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Promotion Strategy of Cultural Self-Confidence to Promote Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002079


Guangyong Pang

Corresponding Author

Guangyong Pang


Abstract: With the increasing degree of social openness, the university is no longer a closed environment, but an open field full of vigor and vitality, facing the world and the future. University education should be an educational form with an open spirit and a broad vision for all-round development. College life is the last step before the majority of young people go to society. Therefore, college education should emphasize openness and freedom, and focus on cultivating and shaping people with an open attitude and an independent way. And cultural self-confidence is not only manifested in the confidence in the excellent culture of the country, but also in treating foreign cultures with a more mature and open mind, and each draws on his own strengths, so as to promote the development of the national culture. As an important part of college education, college students' ideological and political(IAP) education must be open to educating people, conform to the openness of social thought, and under the boost of cultural self-confidence, make university education closer to reality and life, and make adequate preparations for college students(CS) to enter the society.


Keywords: Cultural Self-Confidence, Ideological and Political Education, Open Education, University Education