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Research into the Construction Technology of Indoor Ceiling and Ceiling Decoration

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002086


Yuan Gao

Corresponding Author

Yuan Gao


Abstract: With the rapid development of China’s construction engineering industry, building decoration engineering has also developed to a certain extent. To better meet the people’s requirements for decoration quality and aesthetics at this stage, relevant workers should not only carry out construction according to the process requirements but also strengthen the monitoring and management of all aspects of decoration when carrying out the decoration of indoor ceilings. In addition, the construction personnel should constantly innovate the construction technology by integrating modern elements into the construction process, to ensure the innovative development of the ceiling and ceiling decoration work. This paper first analyzes the classification of the ceiling in building interior decoration construction and then focuses on the decoration construction technology of building interior ceilings and the decoration construction technology of building interior ceilings, which can be used as a reference for readers.


Keywords: Ceiling Construction; Ceiling Decoration; Construction Technology; Architecture