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Analysis of the Integration of Computer Networks and Urban Planning and Design

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002089


Tong Hu

Corresponding Author

Tong Hu


Abstract: "Urban planning", as the name suggests, is a comprehensive plan and deployment of the future development direction of a city, the overall layout of urban planning, and various projects within the city. It is the overall direction and development blueprint for a large and medium-sized city during a specific development period. The planning and design of large and medium-sized cities should take a scientific perspective on development, and make a scientific and reasonable summary of the current status of urban planning. The final investment decision should also be scientifically correct. The process of architectural design is complex, requiring massive data and technical resource support, and the introduction of computers has milestone significance in the development of urban planning and design. Starting from the importance of the application of computer networks in urban planning, this article briefly introduces and explores the integration of computer networks with urban planning and design.


Keywords: Computer Network, Urban Planning, Design, Fusion Analysis