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Construction and Strategy Analysis of China-US Trade Game Model Under the Impact of COVID-19

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0002090


Yuchen Tang

Corresponding Author

Yuchen Tang


Abstract: The trade friction between China and the United States may seem accidental, but after tracing the differences in values, ideology, economic concepts and the position of global value chains, it is also inevitable. Combined with the impact of COVID-19, the trade game between China and the United States has become an important issue that both sides must face. By creating the game model to analyze the costs and benefits of the china-US trade game, it is concluded that the COVID-19 has intensified the strategic game between the two countries, and there will inevitably be no winner in the trade war of exchanging tariffs. Only between China and the United States can we achieve win-win cooperation. China should constantly strengthen the consciousness of game, create a dynamic game strategy, and eliminate the trade uncertainty as much as possible.


Keywords: COVID-19, Sino-US Trade, Game Model, Expected Earnings