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Path for the Reform of the Growth of Young Faculty at Private Colleges and Universities in the New Era

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000254


Guo-xia Sun

Corresponding Author

Guo-xia Sun


With the adjustment of the national economic structure and the continuous improvement of the level of automation and information, social development is in urgent need of applied talents with both knowledge and ability. As early as 2015, China’s educational department and other departments have proposed guidance for the transformation of local general undergraduate colleges into application. At present, private education has entered a new stage of gradual transition from scale expansion and extension to quality improvement and connotation development. Due to the special nature of the teaching staff, the main force of the teaching is the young faculty. Their growth is directly related to the cultivation of high-quality applied undergraduate talents, which is related to the future development of private colleges. Focusing on the new requirements of the connotation development of private colleges and universities in the new era, this paper probes into the problems of the natural growth needs and professional growth of young faculty at private colleges and universities and puts forward the path of the growth of young faculty at private colleges and universities in the new era.


New Era; Private Colleges and Universities; Young Faculty; Growth; Practical Teaching