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On the Training Mode of Vocal Music Education Talents in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000256


Tingting Zhang

Corresponding Author

Tingting Zhang


Vocal music education is an important part of music major in Colleges and universities. Therefore, the research of vocal music education personnel training mode plays an important role in vocal music teaching. However, there are some problems in the traditional training mode, such as unclear training objectives, unreasonable training process and imperfect teaching evaluation. In view of this, this paper constructs an innovative talent training model, aiming to cultivate vocal talents with innovative spirit and ability. This paper improves from three aspects of training objectives, training programs and teaching evaluation, and through questionnaire survey, the results show that the innovative talent training model proposed in this paper has higher student satisfaction than the traditional model, and can provide a certain reference value for vocal music education in Colleges and universities.


Vocal Music Education; Colleges and Universities; Talent Training Mode; Questionnaire Survey