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Research on the Construction Mode of Off-campus Practice Education Base Co-constructed and Shared

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000257


Jikun Yu

Corresponding Author

Jikun Yu


According to the national education policy, this paper pay attention on the construction of Off-campus practice education bases in China, finds out the motivation of the two main subjects between schools and enterprises to participate in Cultivation of talents, analyzes the predicament of off-campus practice education base’s construction and explores the co-construction of the construction of off-campus practice education base. Exploring the feasibility of promoting the construction of off-campus practice education base in sharing the management and all-round education, starting from the perspective of sociology, seeking to mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of both schools and enterprises, Comprehensively use the theory of social partnership and destiny community to construct a guarantee mechanism for the construction of off-campus practice education bases and conduct practical exploration.


Off-Campus Practice Education Base; Base Construction; School-Enterprise Cooperation