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Cultivation Strategy of the Scientific Research Ability of Application-oriented Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000261


Yan Bao

Corresponding Author

Yan Bao


At present, governments of all countries attach great importance to cooperation in production, education and research. As an educational institution that trains talents, develops science, and serves the society, the cooperation between industry, university and research institutes is an important way for Chinese universities to fulfill their functions in serving society. This paper analyzes the significance of the research and development ability of the undergraduate students in the application-oriented undergraduate colleges and universities, and analyzes the main problems in the joint cultivation of the production, study and research in domestic universities, and analyzes the reasons for the poor results and stagnant achievements of the joint production and research model. It is proposed to carry out "order-based" joint training; establish a joint training mechanism for industry, academia and research, strengthen unified management, change the loose management of previous industry-university-research cooperation projects; establish a "practice-oriented" curriculum system, clarify training objectives, and cultivate a solid Professional basic theory, and application-oriented professionals with strong practical ability; establish an industry-university-research joint training of undergraduate college students' scientific research ability evaluation model, and the actual contribution that researchers engaged in applied research should make to the economic society The main evaluation criteria and other initiatives will effectively improve the scientific research ability of applied undergraduate universities, and ultimately achieve high-efficiency transformation of scientific research results, truly become a productive force, and realize the function of serving the society in colleges and universities.


Industry-University-Research Cooperation; Study and Research; Cooperative Education; Community of Practice; Applied Undergraduate Colleges