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English Translation Strategies of Ancient Chinese Poetry Based on Applied Linguistics

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000264


Liangyu Hu

Corresponding Author

Liangyu Hu


As a language used to communicate in the world, English is widely used. In order to make the world understand China's ancient poetry culture and art, it is very necessary to translate China's ancient poetry works into English widely, which not only spreads China's ancient poetry culture widely, but also opens a new window for the world to understand China's extensive Chinese culture. Therefore, on the basis of this paper, based on the English translation based on applied linguistics, this paper first analyzes the problems in the English translation of ancient Chinese poetry, and discusses the English translation strategies of ancient Chinese poetry from the perspective of applied linguistics to promote the extensive influence of ancient Chinese poetry in the world.


Applied Linguistics; Ancient Poetry; English Translation; Strategy