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Restricting Factors of English Basic Education Reform Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000273


Xiaoying Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoying Liu


The development of computer science and technology since the 21st century indicates that the era of big data is coming or even has come, and big data has been widely deployed in all walks of life. The same is true in the field of education. The "Internet + Education" integration mode has been widely permeated into daily teaching, and educators have a more advanced understanding of the value and significance of teaching. In this process, due to the characteristics of the era of big data, the teaching of various subjects must make necessary reforms in order to conform to the trend of The Times, continuously develop and make progress, and promote the significant improvement of teaching level. The era of big data heralds the arrival of the information age of education and the historic opportunities and challenges of teaching reform. In the teaching of English subject, big data can be used to accurately analyze the current situation of English teaching and formulate the optimal teaching plan. This article will also from large data in the reform of basic education of English study, and emphatically discusses the era of big data, basic English education reform direction and the restricting factors of informationization teaching reform essentials and find English education big data in the application of basic English teaching method, and discusses the reform of the specific implementation measures.


Big Data; Basic English Education; Educational Reform; Restricting Factors