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English Teaching in Higher Vocational Education under the Background of Outcomes Based Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000278


Dongmei Wang

Corresponding Author

Dongmei Wang


The Outcomes Based Education is the new requirement in teaching methods. The Outcomes Based Education concept has realized the transformation of the education model. Under the Outcomes Based Education model, it is more important that what kinds of abilities students have and whether they can success. The blended teaching model is based on the concept of Outcomes Based Education and follows its reverse design Principles. Through the reconstruction of the design for the teaching process, the teaching content and the teaching activities, teaching goals are tested through the restructuring the design of the teaching evaluation. The article discusses the current situation of reform based on this model in higher vocational colleges, and proposes relevant strategies and suggestions for English teaching.


Outcomes Based Education; Blended teaching; Vocational education; Reconstruction