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Chinese Translation and Effect Appreciation of Special Sentences and Proverbs in English Works

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000280


Xiaoying Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoying Liu


Special sentences and proverbs occupy an exclusive position in the field of language art. Like poetry and other literary works, they are the essence of language. They contain rich national cultural connotation with refined characters, which are not only a phenomenon of characters, but also an art culture. Whether in Chinese or English, this effect can show its strong cultural complex. In English works, the use of proverbs and special sentences undoubtedly makes literary works more attractive. However, in the transformation of Chinese and English cultures, people will experience the original charm brought by languages through the cultural infiltration, the emotional fusion and the communication of the times.


Special sentences; Proverbs; Culture infiltration; Emotional fusion; Communication of the times; Language art